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New Region: Thorwal


Discover Thorwal, the newest region in Herokon Online.

Thorwal lies on the cold northwestern coast of Aventuria: a rugged slip of land inhabited by an equally rugged seafaring folk. The striped sails of their dragon boats are known – and feared – along the Aventurian coasts.

If you’re brave and fortunate enough to visit the Thorwalians in their homeland on the Gulf of Prem, though, you’ll find another picture. True, they’re a rough and rowdy folk, but they’re also hearty, welcoming and warm.

With the addition of Thorwal, the browser-based MMORPG Herokon Online gains not only a new region from the world of The Dark Eye for players level 25 and up – it also gains legions of new monsters and scores of exciting challenges.

And a very special surprise awaits fans of the Blade of Destiny: they’ll meet old friends and experience the next chapter in one of Aventuria’s most exciting adventures.

Those who lack the ducats to pay for passage to Thorwal need not despair. There’s also a limited-time offer to unlock the region for a very special price with a Platinum purchase. This prize includes all further expansions of Thorwal that will be unlocked by purchasing the region in the future.

Are you searching for new challenges and exciting adventures? Then head north to Thorwal!

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