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Herokon Online - The New Order


Our latest version of the fantasy RPG The Dark Eye Herokon Online presents you with a whole slew of new material and developments. Far-reaching improvements and new features make the browser MMORPG an even more exceptional gaming experience that offers both newcomers and veterans of The Dark Eye everything to satisfy their craving for fantastic adventures.

  • Hero creation has been reworked from the ground up. Marvel at your heroes in all their majesty and easily select one of the new specializations that will lend them even more depth and detail.
  • From Battle Mages to Bladedancers to Double Axes, there's something for everyone!
  • The Hero Sheet shines thanks to a new design that's more informative and easier to use.
  • Even more inventory slots so you can store your valuable loot!

  • Take advantage of the new attribute and talent advancement system! Simpler, more flexible, but without sacrificing any depth. Distribute or reset skills and create your heroes just the way you imagine them!
  • Explore the new system for magic and combat talents! Increase your hero's effectiveness and combat prowess!
  • Set out on an epic, fantastic series of quests to determine the destiny of your own hero.
  • Explore the Newal Valley beneath the gates of Griffensford, where you'll celebrate your first major victories, making a name for yourself in the world of The Dark Eye Herokon Online.
  • Unravel the mystery of two children and their demonic pursuer in the new tutorial.

Please note: In the initial weeks after the patch the reset of talents and attributes is completely cost-free. Take your chance – create and change your heroes according to your imagination!

You'll find more info about all these fantastic updates in the Herokon Online forum.

Enjoy Herokon Online
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